Just Doing Life with Me

Humans are spiritual and social creatures, and we all want somebody to simply do life with us.


The person doing life with me loves to explore! Trying new things and opening our minds to new experiences and ideas is how we grow as individuals. It is also how we grow together! If you are doing life with me, you are going to always need to be ready for an adventure and be able to take on any new challenge with a positive attitude! Together we never need to back away from adversity because we know that we always have a partner in our corner.


I want the person doing life with me to show respect for others, as well as themselves. Understanding that we are unique and spiritual creatures created in the image of GOD is the key to having love and respect for everyone, even those we may not see eye-to-eye with. By showing respect to ourselves and others, we will also earn the respect of those around us! We all have our own struggles and downfalls and that’s okay! I want the person doing life with me to know how to pick others up, because I know I will certainly be there for them. We also understand that not everyone believes in GOD and we won’t force feed this, even though our hearts, here, at Just Doing Life, honor the creator in private and in some public fashions.


Life is never easy, that’s why you must stay committed and dedicated to your goals. The person doing life with me shows commitment not only to us, but to our goals as well. There is no easy way through life, and you can’t quit just because things start to get rocky. If we did that nothing rewarding would ever be accomplished. The reason we commit to our goals and each other is because it’s worth it. It is worth the sacrifice, and it is worth the struggle to find true happiness in life. When we show commitment to our personal goals it also shows the world around us that we can be counted on to follow through! To do life you have to embrace and endure the tough times, or the good things will never come.

Don’t forget to be forgiving of yourself if you don’t measure up to the standards you set for yourself or you fall short of reaching your goals. This is a huge component of Just Doing Life.

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