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The Just Doing Life mantra is a reminder to never give up on yourself and to keep pushing forward. Just Doing Life means you're committed to figuring out the challenges of life, as best as possible. Worry less, you gave it your best. Keep Moving.

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There’s always a reason to share happy moments, hard times, and everything in between. How about we go get lost in the present and live our #life like we mean it.


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About Us

Ricky White, Founder

Welcome! My name is Ricky White, originally from the state of Illinois, now residing in California. The Just Doing Life began its journey in August of 2020, as a brand under JDLIFE Corp. A thought became a vision. A vision became a dream. The dream became the motivation and within the many obstacles, the motivation became a blessing.Looking internally and at the surrounding communities, life seemed complicated. Many experiences remind us that our insight is limited, when it comes to this world and ourselves.

I believe it takes faith, trust in God and trust in yourself to hold firm to who you are, no matter what obstacles come. Brighter days are ahead and there is much to discover about who we are as people and how best to respond to the challenges of this life while sorting through the influences of this world.

Let's embrace the present day, the most knowing that tomorrow has never been promised.Let's embrace one another, because love is love and hope is a major force behind our motivations and progress in life.

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