D‘Mott, aka De’ Juaine Motley

D‘Mott, aka De’ Juaine Motley has been surrounded by music his entire life, whether it was playing drums or singing in church or watching his father as a lead singer of a quartet gospel group, lift the spirits of church members. One thing stuck in his mind.That music is powerful, intentional and life changing. He believes that the conversations music provides, ultimately inspires and dictates our passions. So in other words, in order to carry the light that comes with having the gift of music, one must be responsible. D‘Mott is an Artist that wears many different hats of talents and believes that the power of music can change the world.

Discerning Music Outweighs Trivial Turbulence

Step into a world where music and motivation intertwine with our ‘Discerning Music Outweighs Trivial Turbulence’ T-Shirt, inspired by the soulful artistry and uplifting messages of DMOTT, the renowned R&B singer and pastor.

Dynamic Melodies Overcome Tough Terrain

Elevate your wardrobe with a message of resilience and harmony with our ‘Dynamic Melodies Overcome Tough Terrain’ T-Shirt, inspired by the uplifting philosophy of DMOTT, the soulful R&B artist and inspiring pastor.

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